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Consumer law

  • Representation in proceedings before the President of the Competition and Consumer Protection Office regarding practices violating collective interests of consumers
  • Representation in proceedings with the involvement of Consumer Ombudsmen
  • Analysis of sales terms, regulations and other standard agreements in terms of their legality, including abusive contract terms
  • E-commerce, including establishment and day-to-day operation of online stores, marketplaces included
  • Services rendered using new technologies, including apps in the mobility industry
  • Product liability and guarantee claims
  • Consumer complaint procedures
Consumer law

To our business clients, we offer legal advice, support and legal opinions on consumer law. Our team advises Polish and foreign manufacturers at each stage of their operations in terms of products as well as product sales and distribution. We create legal frameworks for consumer direct, indirect and omnichannel selling. Our services also include assistance with devising sales, disclosure (GDPR, marketing consents) and complaint procedures.

Our team advises entities across all sectors, including those operating in the sector of sensitive products such as alcohol, tobacco, and pharmaceuticals.

We also advise companies from the new technology sectors; our clients include entities from the e-commerce, mobility, and fintech industries.

Another area of our practice is legal advice on emergency management regarding:

  • practices violating collective interests of consumers,
  • abusive contract terms,
  • product liability,
  • guarantee claims,
  • complaints.

We also represent clients in proceedings with the involvement of Consumer Ombudsmen.