Dear Clients!

Since we have been recently receiving plenty of questions from our Clients with regard to the current situation, please find below a newsletter, where we try to answer the most important ones.

  • First, we explain whether the current situation gives grounds for avoiding civil law liability in case of non-performance or improper performance (e.g. missing a deadline) of commercial contracts.
  • We also discuss the impact of the current situation on court proceedings in civil and commercial cases.
  • Next, we briefly touch upon the possibility to send employees on leave and employer’s obligation to pay for suspension of work for reasons for which the employer is not responsible.
  • Finally, we present basic information on the state of emergency.

Detailed information regarding the solutions proposed by the Polish Government will be presented shortly in news and our LinkedIn profile.

Enjoy your reading!

JDP Team

JDP Newsletter: Contractual obligations vs. COVID-19