In May 2014 JARA DRAPAŁA & PARTNERS brought a lawsuit against the State Treasury for damages on behalf of the trustee of Alpine Bau Deutschland, which belongs to the consortium that built the National Stadium in Warsaw. The company demands PLN 139 million compensation for damages incurred in connection with the investment.

According to the plaintiff, the damage was caused by an improper discharge of investor responsibilities by the Treasury, namely the National Sports Centre. The investor transferred a defective project documentation to the contractor, as well as introduced numerous changes and additions, which caused an increase in costs and a need to perform additional work.

Alpine Bau Deutschland, together with PBG, Hydrobudowa Polska, Alpine Construction Poland and Alpine Bau formed a consortium, which was the contractor of the National Stadium. Although the stadium was to be completed in June 2011, the works were delayed because of the stair repair. The construction was ultimately completed in November 2011. The official opening took place in January 2012. Due to the prolonged works it was impossible to play at the stadium the football match Poland v. Germany.

Alpine Bau Deutschland is represented by a team of lawyers from JARA DRAPAŁA & PARTNERS under the direction of legal adviser Prof. Przemysław Drapała (Partner) and legal adviser Andrzej Sokołowski (Partner).