Civil proceedings before Polish courts – key information. Guidelines on how to claim a higher contract price due to increased costs

Generally, civil proceedings in Poland rely on standard solutions operating in other European countries as well. However, our experience in working with foreign clients shows that steps taken by the parties involved in the proceedings (in particular courts) often come as a surprise to foreign entities who have not been previously involved in court proceedings in Poland. In our view, some issues are so important that they should be considered already at the stage of devising certain internal procedures in companies.

We’ll show you what certain stages of court proceedings in Poland (regarding civil disputes) look like, and we’ll give you practical tips that might help you avoid fundamental mistakes that may result in the proceedings being extended or even a claim being dismissed. The webinar will be based on our extensive experience in the courtroom.

The webinar won’t focus on how to apply the provisions of the Civil Procedure Code but –relying on years of our experience in working with foreign clients – we’ll explain the practical differences between proceedings in Poland and other countries, which will be helpful for preparing for a dispute in Poland. The webinar will give you peace of mind because if one day you’ll have to be involved in court proceedings in Poland, you’ll know what to expect.

Additionally, due to the current economic situation around the world and in Poland, most businesses face the problem of increased prices and inflation. This determines what claims are being asserted in courts. For this reason, during the webinar, we’ll explain to you what legal mechanisms are available in Poland to minimise the negative financial consequences of the difficult market situation.

Date: 4 October 2023
Duration: 10:00-11:30 a.m.


1. Pre-litigation procedure – when do you go to court in Poland?
2. Civil proceedings in Poland and practical guidance on how to prepare for them.
3. Commercial proceedings, including key differences.
4. How to protect against inflation – tools available under Polish law.

Target audience:

o company presidents,
o management board members,
o company owners,
o executive staff,
o directors,
o in-house lawyers,



Webinar speakers:

Kinga Zagrajek – adwokat (Attorney-at-law) | Associate
Justyna Solarska
 – adwokat (Attorney-at-law) | Senior Associate
Wojciech Bazan
adwokat (Attorney-at-law) | Partner