In the latest issue of ‘Contact Online Magazine‘ by British Polish Chamber of Commerce (BPCC), Adrian Andrychowski looked to the frontier of mass consumer claims against banks in Poland. In his piece he considered whether the current market of consumer claims can be an attractive investment for litigation finance providers.

The litigation landscape concerning mass consumer claims against banks is quickly changing in Poland, making it an interesting ground for further developments in litigation financing. Litigation finance involves non-recourse claim funding, where all the expenses are on the side of the funder, who receives their portion of the shares only in the event when the case has been successful in court.

Currently there are two main types of ongoing mass claims against banks in Poland: the first type concerns claims for the invalidation of mortgages granted in Swiss francs, while the other type involves claims based on the sanction of free credit provided in Article 45 of the Consumer Credit Act.

For more information please refer to the article by Adrian AndrychowskiMass consumer claims against banks – investment opportunity for law firms and litigation funds?‘ available in the ‘Contact Online Magazine‘.

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