Legal advice and court representation regarding large infrastructure and construction projects are the main fields of our expertise. Let us present our top projects in which we advised or are still advising our clients.

As a law firm, we support the largest (Polish and foreign) general contractors on railway, road, power, transmission lines, public and industrial facilities projects. Our legal services are tailored to the individual needs of our clients and include support in pursuing claims, drafting and reviewing contracts, negotiating amending agreements and requests for additional works, defending clients against contractual penalties, and devising solutions to a range of legal problems.

Contract advice by JDP – professional and client-oriented

We advise contractors on negotiations, amendments, settlements and disputes against public and private contracting authorities, and represent companies in regard to contract performance, claim management, disputes, and design works. Our skills and services include:

Contract advice by JDP – the work completed by our construction lawyers

Large construction projects require professional and made-to-measure legal advice. We have successfully represented construction process participants in many disputes and mediations with contracting authorities or subcontractors over remuneration payment, payment for additional works and claims for damages.

Our team knows that every day companies from the construction industry face numerous challenges that may affect their financial stability and their works. Being aware of the experience and professionalism of our experts, the largest construction companies in Poland have been reaching out to us for legal support.

See the most interesting projects that we have been successfully handling!

Optimization and construction of the railway line Czyżew-Białystok – contract advice by JDP

Project value: around PLN 4 billion

The construction of the railway line Czyżew-Białystok has been the largest railway tender organized by PKP PLK, and it concerns the construction of a section of the international project Rail Baltica (E 75).

The project’s aim is to construct a railway connection from Berlin, through Warsaw, Kaunas, Riga and Tallinn to Helsinki. Rail Baltica is one of the EU priority projects: transEuropean transport network (TEN-T).

The contract is worth over PLN 4.1 billion and is therefore the highest-value tender conducted by PKP PLK so far. Because of the substantial value, contractors competed for the contract in several appeal proceedings before the National Appeal Chamber, instituted after decisions had been taken by the contracting authority, with the involvement of contractors forming several consortiums interested in this project.

Currently, we are supporting our client in performing the contract. This project is unique not only due to its value, but also the complexity of the necessary works. It is divided into two parts to be carried out in two models: “build” and “design and build”. The scope includes construction works and optimization of design documentation for contractual works.

JDP team brings an added value to the project because – thanks to our extensive experience in providing advice on “build” and “design and build” projects – we help the client tackle problems where these two models overlap.

Performing the contract in two models is a source of many doubts regarding, for instance, the scope of works covered by the particular part of the contract, the manner of their settlement, the impact of such division on essential issues such as the works schedule.

In this regard, JDP team offers comprehensive expert advice, focused on the goal, i.e. the contract completion, but also taking into account the client’s business interests.

Construction project of Varso Tower in Warsaw – contract advice by JDP

We have been advising on the construction of the Varso building complex in Warsaw. An important part of the complex is Varso Tower, which is currently the tallest building in the European Union.

JDP has been advising the investor, which at the same time acts as the general contractor, on contract-related matters that are crucial for the timely completion of the project. The construction of the Varso complex is challenging not only from the technical and organisational perspective, but also from the legal point of view due to, among other things, the project location (Warsaw city centre), use of unique materials and technologies, and the necessity to coordinate several subcontractors from various branches.

We use our rich experience to support the client in reviewing claim-related documentation, including documentation submitted by contracting parties. Additionally, JDP team supports the executive and engineer staff in everyday contact with subcontracts, which enables the client to focus on performing this complex project.

The Varso Tower building, being constructed at the intersection of Jana Pawła II and Chmielna streets, is currently the tallest building in the European Union with a height of 310 metres (taller than The Shard in London which is 309 metre tall; by comparison, the Palace of Culture and Science together with its spire is “only” 237 metres tall).

Construction of a tunnel through the Luboń mountain within the S7 expressway Kraków-Zakopane – contract advice by JDP

Project value: over PLN 1 billion

The advice that we have been providing in this project concerns the contract for the construction of a 2-kilometre tunnel through the Luboń mountain within the S7 expressway Kraków-Zakopane. The Kraków-Zakopane road is one of the major roads connecting the entire country with the heart of the Tatra Mountains.

Our support includes all areas of civil and public law, in particular change orders and claims. We advise our client on highly sophisticated technical issues of tunnelling, construction in mountain areas and related legal issues.

The construction of the tunnel through the Luboń mountain is the only contract of this type in Poland where the contracting authority prepared design documentation. This contract is challenging from the legal and engineering point of view because such projects have never before been performed in Poland in such a technically demanding area.

We secured not only our client’s interests, but also the continuation of one of the most complicated infrastructure projects in Poland. With our vast experience gained in advising on the largest road projects in Poland, we can propose solutions that not only allow to perform projects, but also enable our clients to achieve their business goals. We make every effort to understand technical aspects of contracts to satisfy our clients’ needs to the greatest extent possible.

Design and construction of a city tunnel Łódź Fabryczna – Łódź Kaliska/Żabieniec – contract advice by JDP

Project value: approx. PLN 1.8 billion

Our legal services include support in preparing and performing the contract, and advice on changing the technology of performing the tunnel’s section and purchasing TBM machines necessary for the construction.

The tunnel will be the longest Polish tunnel (approx. 7.5 km long) and the first one constructed in the TBM technology. The “Łódź metro” is one of the largest and most crucial infrastructure projects in Poland.

Our services include legal advice across all areas of civil and public law, including in particular relationships with the contracting authority and subcontractors, claim management (preparing claim notices, legal assessment of claims, etc.), and construction law (advice on several contentious issues regarding technical norms).

Experience in the construction industry and infrastructure law

It is no coincidence that our logo appears among the most recommended construction law firms in Poland [source:]. Our team provides customer-oriented legal services, boasts extensive knowledge of infrastructure law and a good understanding of the construction and engineering industry. Our sector experience and skills allow us to effectively advise clients on how best to deal with complex and challenging construction disputes. They appreciate the analytical and creative approach of our team members. This has enabled us to build strong relationships with a number of high-profile construction companies.

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