sukcesJDP advises Nutricia from the Danone Group on a project of strategic importance – the expansion of Nutricia Production Plants in Opole valued at PLN 230 million. As a result of this project, Nutricia will become the only company in the enteral nutrition sector to manufacture its products locally in Poland (so far, they have been imported).

We’re glad that we can use our extensive expertise in constructing and expanding production plants in this strategic and high-profile project of Nutricia from the Danone Group. One of the largest and most complex plants of this group in Europe is under construction. We’ve been working with the Investor since the initial stage of the project to make sure that it is completed on schedule and within the budget,” said Professor Przemysław Drapała, Partner in JDP.

The project is unique for many reasons. Most importantly, it involves a production plant that requires special preparations and navigating of works due to its technologically advanced design. Additionally, the investment process involves many specialised entities, some of them based in other countries. This requires coordination of their activities, which is efficiently handled by the strategy that we devised. We’d like to thank Nutricia for their trust and very good collaboration on this innovative project. Special thanks to Katarzyna Januszewska-Hawranek, attorney-at-law, and Mariusz Bronowski”, said Mariusz Nowakowski, attorney-at-law in the JDP Litigation and Arbitration Team, and the Infrastructure Team.

The construction works in Production Plants in Opole are in progress. The first commercial production is scheduled for April 2025.



The advising team consists of:

Professor Przemysław Drapała (Managing Partner) and Mariusz Nowakowski (Counsel), who are supported by Maciej Grzybowski, Mateusz Biciutko and Antoni Kotarba.