JARA DRAPAŁA & PARTNERS has represented Alpine Bau Deutschland AG (in insolvency) during court proceedings, which have led last week to a settlement regarding the construction of the National Stadium in Warsaw. As a result of the settlement the contractors, the State Treasury, NCSR and the insurance company Zurich Insurance have withdrawn their mutual claims and therefore ended the dispute. The settlement encompassed i.a. the court proceedings led by the JD&P law office brought by Alpine Bau Deutschland AG against the State Treasury for payment of damage in the amount of PLN 139 m. According to the announcement of the Ministry of Sport and Tourism, the signed settlement has eliminated the risk for the State Treasury of losing the court proceedings, which could have ended in damage payments with a total amount of up to PLN 500 m. The Regional Court in Warsaw before which the proceedings mentioned above were conducted has described them as “one of the largest civil cases in the country” (evidence involved more than 400 file volumes).

The litigation attorneys of Alpine Bau Deutschland AG (in insolvency) were Prof Przemysław Drapała (Partner), Andrzej Sokołowski (Partner), as well as the JD&P Litigation Team.

Jara Drapala & Partners Negotiates Settlement in Dispute Involving Poland’s National Stadium