The third edition of the Commentary to the Code of Commercial Companies has been published by C.H.Beck. The Commentary has been edited by Zbigniew Jara, attorney – renowned expert on corporate and commercial law as well as mergers and acquisitions – who also commented on several dozens of articles of the Code. Marcin Chomiuk, attorney, head of the Transaction and Contract Counselling Team in JDP, is one of co-authors, who commented on over 70 articles of the Code.

A material contribution of Zbigniew Jara and Marcin Chomiuk in the Commentary proves JDP Transaction and Contract Counselling Team’s well-established position as an expert on the market with business-oriented approach, valued by clients for their practical and pragmatic legal solutions. The Commentary stands out thanks to a synthetic analysis of the discussed problems and practical approach to presented issues. For these reasons it attracts great interest of practitioners and is often cited in judicial decisions, becoming a must-read for practicing lawyers.


We hope that the third edition of the Commentary will be also well received on the market.