The JDP Corporate Disputes / Post-M&A Team represented a joint-stock company in proceedings regarding a request to register changes in the corporate bodies’ composition in the business register. The request was filed by persons who attempted to take over control of the company.

The legal situation was unusual as the proceedings to enter management and supervisory board members in the register were validly concluded by dismissing the request. Nonetheless, the opposing party took steps to change the decision on dismissal and to have the changes registered.

Thanks to JDP’s proactive approach, it was established that nearly half a year after the conclusion of the proceedings, the opposing party filed a request to change the final decision issued in the proceedings. However, our convincing arguments once again satisfied the court, and also this request was dismissed, which prevented the hostile takeover.

The case was handled by: Marcin Chomiuk (PhD) (attorney-at-law, Partner), Piotr Duma (attorney-at-law, Counsel), Adrian Andrychowski (attorney-at-law, Counsel) and Tomasz Krawczyk (Associate).