JDP advised CARSERVIS S.A. on dematerialising shares in accordance with the amended Commercial Companies Code.

JDP’s support included preparing a comprehensive dematerialisation plan, and ongoing assistance in its implementation, in particular as regards the requirement to notify shareholders. JDP also provided advice with respect to a relationship with a brokerage house opening a register of shareholders for the company. Moreover, JDP’s support included problematic issues relating to passive shareholders and shares documents. The latter included in particular the necessity to redeem lost documents, invalid outdated documents, and issue new documents for the purposes of the dematerialisation. The JDP team included: Adam Usiądek, associate, and attorney-at-law Marcin Lewiński, senior associate. The team was supervised by attorney-at-law Dr Marcin Chomiuk, partner.


##shares dematerialisation   #shareholders register   #amendment to the Commercial Companies Code