‘Unmasking the AI copyright challenge: reflections on AI laws and lawsuits’ – article by Ewa Mońdziel and Amelia Prawda in ‘Contact Online’ by BPCC

In 2023, generative AI is one of the highlights of modern legal challenges. Generative AI, at the root of its effectiveness, has the training of an algorithm responsible for generating outputs on a specific dataset selected by the developer. For this reason, it requires large amounts of training data, and some of this data may be protected by third-party rights.

 The main private-law questions surrounding generative AI touch on copyright issues, such as:

In the article “Unmasking the AI copyright challenge: reflections on AI laws and lawsuits” Ewa Mońdziel, Senior Associate and Amelia Prawda, Associate, from JDP IP/ IT Team provide insights on this topic.


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Ewa Mońdziel – attorney-at-law, Senior Associate in IP/IT Team

Amelia Prawda – attorney-at-law, Associate in IP/IT Team