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  • Developing legal structures for businesses based on new technologies
  • Auditing and implementing rules for protecting intangible goods
  • Drafting and negotiating contracts
  • Protecting concepts and innovative solutions
  • Devising strategies for brand protection
  • Verifying whether advertising measures are legally compliant
  • Maintaining contact with organisations for collective copyright management
  • Providing support in proceedings regarding trademarks, industrial designs and inventions
  • Representing clients in disputes over infringements on IP rights, media and acts of unfair competition
  • Holding training sessions

The primary focus of our IP/IT is to legally secure intellectual property which, in the changing reality, is inherent to each business.

We create legal frameworks for the online presence, including drafting legal documentation for electronic services such as apps, online portals and other new technology products.

Our experts support entities from the IT and new technologies sectors by:

  • choosing an appropriate legal model for their businesses,
  • reviewing contracts, including contracts on software implementation,
  • drafting service agreements and agreements on IT infrastructure support.

We have extensive expertise in providing legal advice to the marketing and advertising industries, regarding in particular:

  • protecting creative concepts,
  • design agreements,
  • agreements with subcontractors,
  • securing IP rights arising during advertising campaigns.

We prepare opinions on the conformity of concepts as well as marketing and advertising activities to law, with a particular focus put on projects related to sensitive products (alcohol, tobacco, pharmaceuticals).

Our team provides legal assistance to the media sector in the area of content publishing, especially digital content, through all communication channels (Internet, TV, radio).

In our practice, we represent clients in proceedings regarding:

  • protection of copyright and related rights;
  • acquisition and protection of industrial property;
  • protection of personal rights;
  • acts of unfair competition.