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  • Compliance due diligence, procedures audit;
  • Implementation of compliance systems or their elements;
  • Development and assistance in devising tailored procedures;
  • Preparation of instructions, guidance and information materials regarding implemented procedures;
  • Training sessions;
  • Assistance in internal investigations;
  • Legal opinions, assessments of events and their consequences;
  • Support in emergency situations and inspections.

We advise businesses that already have a compliance system in place and those that want to implement such system or its elements in their companies. We assist our clients in all stages of devising a compliance system, including risk management, procedures development, training sessions and information campaigns, internal investigations and public authorities inspections. Our services also include auditing compliance systems as part of a review and improvement process.

Our teams are aware of how important compliance is and how it should be developed and adjusted to a given company to be effective. Therefore, depending on what the client needs, we also focus on selected areas, using the expertise of our lawyers and advisers across various fields.

We devise and consult anti-corruption procedures, gift and discount policies, AML/CFT policies, conflict check procedures, client check procedures, corporate governance documents, in particular reflecting the distribution of responsibilities in a company, violation report procedures and authorities inspections procedures. Our expertise in the field of compliance also includes GDPR (GDPR Compliance), taxes (Tax Compliance) and HR (HR Compliance).

1. Our clients appreciate us for:

  • Understanding their business needs and providing tailor-made solutions;
  • Using our expertise and know-how across various fields of legal advice, including employment, data protection, company law, contract law, taxes, public procurement;
  • Auditing compliance procedures and delivering practical solutions;
  • Identifying legal obligations in certain areas of company’s operations and assisting in identifying the main risks involved in a business activity;
  • Providing support in creating systems mitigating adverse events and their consequences;
  • Devising and updating compliance procedures as well as instructions and guidance for their application and training activities;
  • Offering practical training sessions regarding procedures and their wider legal and industry context;
  • Assisting in internal investigations of breaches, assessing individual cases and their potential consequences.