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Employment practice

  • Employee documentation: contracts, rules and regulations, policies, agreements
  • Advising HR departments and managers on an ongoing basis
  • Employment restructuring (including individual and group layoffs)
  • Collective labour law
  • Transfers of work establishments
  • Legal due diligence for employees
  • Employment disputes
  • Taxation of employee benefits
Employment practice

We support our clients with respect to individual and collective labour law matters, both from a domestic and cross-border perspective.

We provide ongoing legal services for HR departments and managerial staff, advise clients on selecting the right form of cooperation with employees, draft necessary employment-related documents, draw up rules and regulations and internal policies, develop effective salary and incentive schemes. Thanks to close cooperation between lawyers from various fields, in particular personal data, and tax advisors, we offer optimised solutions, taking into account all aspects of contractual parties’ interests.

Our experience also includes comprehensive support during the procedure of transferring a work establishment or its part to a new employer, including complex transactions involving the sale and purchase of enterprises.

We advise our clients in crisis situations: in mobbing and discrimination proceedings, consultations with trade unions and employee representatives, as well as in employment restructuring processes.

We also support employers during layoff procedures (including the so-called group layoffs), we develop strategies for out-of-court dispute resolution, we participate in negotiations, and in the absence of an agreement, we represent employers in disputes before labour courts.

1. What our clients appreciate the most:

  • Support in negotiating employment and salary conditions in connection with the conclusion and termination of employment contracts, both on the part of the entrepreneur and the management;
  • Strategic legal support in the preparation of and transition of a work establishment to a new employer, as well as in group layoffs;
  • Experience enabling the development of satisfactory incentive programmes addressed at managers and key employees;
  • Preparation of employment contract templates and cooperation contract templates, agreements on the use of company cars, work regulations and salary and regulations;
  • Legal audits in the field of labour law and optimisation solutions offered on their basis relating to employee matters in connection with the sale and purchase of enterprises;
  • Providing support to parties to employment contracts in finding out-of-court solutions to employment disputes;
  • Providing support in negotiating and concluding contracts with temporary work agencies and in setting up mixed employment schemes (own employees and employee leasing).