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Competition and consumer protection

  • Restrictive agreements
  • Abuse of a dominant position
  • Protection of the collective interests of consumers
  • Antitrust-related aspects of M&A transactions, including concentration notice and proceedings regarding gun jumping
  • Court proceedings (appeals against decisions of the President of the Competition and Consumer Protection Office, private enforcement)
  • Contract advantage
  • Payment gridlocks
  • Hazardous products
Competition and consumer protection

We have extensive experience in advising Polish and foreign entities on all aspects of Polish and EU provisions regarding competition and consumer protection. We have a strategic approach and deliver practical and unconventional solutions that help our clients achieve their business goals in compliance with law.

With the support of reputable foreign law firms, we are in a position to provide our clients with full-service legal advice on competition law and consumer protection all over the world.

We advise and represent clients in particular regarding:

  • proceedings conducted by the President of the Competition and Consumer Protection Office regarding restrictive agreements, abuse of a dominant position, violation of regulations on the collective interests of consumers, concentration control, contract advantage or payment gridlocks,
  • court proceedings to appeal against an antitrust authority’s decision,
  • antitrust-related aspects of M&A transactions, including drawing up multi-jurisdiction analyses or concentration notices to be submitted to the President of the Competition and Consumer Protection Office or the European Commission,
  • civil proceedings regarding redress of damage caused by breaching competition law,
  • commercial practices in the agricultural and food supply chain (advising retail chains and suppliers of agricultural or food products) in connection with the legal provisions on the abuse of contract advantage,
  • regulations on payment gridlocks,
  • assessment of whether commercial or price policies and commercial agreements comply with competition law,
  • searches and inspections by antitrust authorities,
  • training sessions on competition law and consumer protection for clients’ executive staff and sales and marketing departments,
  • antitrust audits, including using computer forensics and AI-based software (forensic review),
  • developing internal programmes on competition compliance,
  • assessing the compliance of distribution systems with competition law,
  • consumer protection law, including reviewing model agreements, price lists, promotion terms, contests, etc. in terms of their compliance with consumer protection law,
  • administrative liability for a hazardous product.