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Transactions M&A and Corporate Law

  • M&A / Joint Ventures
  • Corporate law / Corporate restructuring
  • Group law
  • Post-M&A, corporate and commercial disputes
  • Financing and collateral
  • Phantom share agreements and regulations
  • Shareholders agreements
  • Planning of transactions from the point of view of taxes
Transactions M&A and Corporate Law

Our clients trust us with preparing and conducting transactions concerning purchase, sale, transformation, division and mergers of companies, as well as with the sale and purchase of business enterprises, organised parts of business enterprises and their respective assets.

We take a comprehensive approach to the transactions we conduct. We draft and carry out appropriate action strategies, which help our clients achieve their business goals. We look at transactions in business, legal and tax terms. We also carry out intra-group restructuring, including cross-border restructuring, to enable our clients to use their resources more effectively and arrange their business processes in the most convenient manner. Additionally, we support their day-to-day corporate operations.

1. Comprehensive advisory services:

  • Legal and tax due diligence review; a report containing an executive summary or a red flag report covering the major risks that are essential to the buyer;
  • Preparing the entity being sold for the legal and tax due diligence review and compiling the report on the most important data concerning legal aspects (legal fact book) and tax aspects (vendor due diligence);
  • Drafting the share/asset deal contract and handling contract negotiations;
  • Notifying concerned parties about a concentration intent and legal representation in proceedings before the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK) or the European Commission;
  • Coordinating multi-jurisdictional transactions in cooperation with reputable and trusted foreign law and tax offices;
  • Developing and implementing legal and tax restructuring processes of groups of companies, within the framework of which we carry out mergers, divisions and transformations of companies, including in cross-border perspective;
  • Providing legal and tax support in financing and refinancing of operations and in establishment of collateral (sureties, guarantees, pledges, mortgages) in domestic and cross-border transactions.

2. Comprehensive assistance with respect to the development of new investment projects, including in special economic zones:

  • Selection of the most favourable legal and tax form of the implemented project;
  • Legal and tax support in finding and acquiring or leasing a favourable location;
  • Ensuring contract safety in the course of the construction part of the investment project;
  • Developing standard documentation, among others, in the area of labour law, contracts and personal data protection;
  • Providing support in discussions with local authorities and government agencies in obtaining funding;
  • Analyses of the fulfilment of requirements for the award of public aid.