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Personal Data Protection

  • Preparation of documentation including privacy policies, privacy notices and data processing agreements
  • Mapping of data processing and support in new projects
  • Design of internal procedures and policies
  • Implementation of GDPR (RODO)
  • Training
  • Legal audits
  • Support in the process of handling personal data breaches
  • Advice during PDPO inspections
  • Representation in proceedings before the PDPO
  • Ongoing advice and support offered to data protection officers (DPOs)
Personal Data Protection

As part of our consulting services, we support clients in the implementation of data protection projects and of the GDPR. This applies in particular to mobile applications, websites, software and other personal data processing technologies used in business. We advise clients on services and marketing activities using new technologies and other projects that require the collection of information about users, clients, employees (e.g. in connected cars or monitoring systems), also when international transfers are involved. We support clients in regulating data processing within groups of companies. We have experience in auditing already implemented projects and entire companies for compliance with data protection regulations, also in terms of industry requirements.

1. What our clients appreciate the most:

  • The support that we offer them in the implementation of the obligation to report personal data breaches to the President of the PDPO and in the notification of natural persons about the breach;
  • Our ongoing data protection advice on compliance with the GDPR regulations and industry data requirements;
  • Designing and updating personal data protection procedures, privacy notices, privacy policies, data processing agreements or joint control agreements;
  • Identification of legal obligations in respect of personal data protection and support in building a personal data protection system compliant with the provisions of GDPR and industry requirements;
  • Support in the process of GDPR implementation in terms of legal and organisational obligations as regards personal data protection, including coordination of the implementation process;
  • Assistance in identifying personal data processes in the organisation in order to draw up a record of processing activities and a record of processing categories (process mapping);
  • Training on personal data protection;
  • Legal audits of the compliance of personal data processing with the provisions of the GDPR and industry regulations;
  • The support that we provide to data protection officers in carrying out their duties and to heads of legal and HR departments.