JDP lawyers from the corporate and post-M&A disputes team successfully prevented company hijacking.

The decision on the entry of our client in the business register of the National Court Register was challenged by third parties who claimed to be the company’s “management board members”. After hearing the complaint, the Registry Court upheld the decision on the entry, however the persons posing as “management board members” filed an appeal and submitted further documents that allegedly demonstrated changes in the company’s governing bodies. Based on these documents also a separate application for entering changes in the company’s management board was filed.

After JDP’s intervention, the Court dismissed the appeal lodged by the persons claiming to hold functions in the company’s management board, and confirmed that the company is continuously represented by the management board members who had filed the application and are entered in the business register.

This matter was handled by Marcin Chomiuk, PhD (Partner), attorney-at-law, Piotr Duma (Counsel), attorney-at-law, Adrian Andrychowski (Senior Associate), advocate, and Tomasz Krawczyk (Associate).