A leading manufacturer of medical products purchased a new property in Poland for the construction of a production plant.

At JDP, we know how important it is to handle multi-stage transactions comprehensively to achieve clients’ business objectives; at the same time, avoiding legal and tax difficulties for an investor. How should a law firm advise on such a large project?

We started by choosing the right legal form for the client’s new business in Poland and developing the corporate governance practices consistent with the investor’s global regulations.

Next, we carried out the purchase of the property, consisting of:

JDP’s team also assisted in negotiating and concluding a factory design agreement and a general contractor agreement for a cutting-edge production plant.

The team involved in the project consisted of advocate Michał Urbański (real estate aspects), advocate Jakub Majewski and attorney-at-law Piotr Duma (the construction contract and acquisition of technologies), attorney-at-law Krzysztof Bąk (the design agreement), attorney-at-law Barbara Kaczała and tax adviser Magdalena Zasiewska (legal form of the business activity and corporate governance). The team was supervised by attorney-at-law Marcin Chomiuk, PhD.

What makes us stand out?

Our extensive experience and close cooperation with the people responsible for a project’s business aspects allow us to swiftly implement the project and coordinate the many parties engaged in the project: real estate brokers, designers, general contractors, technology suppliers, and the entity for which the project is carried out.

This approach is crucial to successfully support our clients in complicated technological projects from the precision industry and the healthcare sector.