We advised a contractor bidding for a contract for the representation of the employer in the Harmony Link project.

This is a unique, international project involving the construction of a connection between Lithuania and Poland by routing a submarine DC cable. In the course of the proceedings, as a more favourable bid was submitted by another contractor, we managed to demonstrate that the documentation submitted by this contractor was defective. As a result, the employer rejected this bid.

The project is very prestigious, unique and important also in terms of the contract value. Importantly, the procedure was cross-border as it was conducted by a Polish employer (Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne Spółka Akcyjna) and a Lithuanian employer (LITGRID AB with its registered office in Vilnius). The project is of profound importance for the Baltic countries. It is expected to result in the largest synchronisation of the electricity systems of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia with the networks of the continental Europe synchronisation area. The connection will be about 330 km long (including about 290 km on the seabed).

The project was supervised by Łukasz Goniak (PhD) and Wojciech Merkwa.