Recently, renewable energy has been the primary interest of the greatest market investors. Biogas stands out from other renewable energy sources as it generates up to eight times more energy than a photovoltaic installation.

We handled a complex process of separating part of the assets of a company specialising in agricultural biogas production and power generation.

Our comprehensive advice included devising a restructuring plan and assisting at all stages of the restructuring, taking into account business continuity in a highly regulated sector.

The agricultural biogas plant was transferred to a newly set up company through division by a spin-off, to enable carrying out investment projects within a separate organisational and financial structure. This project was multifaceted and required measures to ensure undisturbed operation of the plant at each stage and after the spin-off. In addition to corporate aspects, public law aspects associated with the succession of administrative decisions crucial for the operation of the enterprise had to be taken into account.

The client was advised by: attorney-at-law Marcin Chomiuk, PhD, attorney-at-law Barbara Kaczała, associate Aleksandra Pisarek, and tax advisor Magdalena Zasiewska.