Thanks to the support of Dr Marcin Chomiuk, attorney-at-law, and Adrian Andrychowski, attorney-at-law, JDP’s client entered into a servicing agreement with a distributor of one of the best-known automotive brands with a global reach. JDP’s client, operating a multi-brand showroom and providing car servicing, made efforts to become an authorised service centre of a leading automotive brand.

JDP’s client applied for a servicing authorisation for its service station. Despite meeting all required standards and obtaining a positive result of an audit, the distributor delayed with concluding an agreement for several months.

JDP lawyers requested the distributor to enter into the servicing agreement on the terms presented by JDP’s client. The request stated that by avoiding concluding the agreement the distributor violated the EU competition provisions. Pursuant to the interpretation of these provisions, they require granting servicing authorisation to each independent service station that meets quality criteria of a given brand applicable to all authorised service stations.

As a result of the request, the parties started discussions that with support of JDP lawyers led to concluding the agreement.

Deep understanding of the market enabling JDP to support clients in achieving their goals on the broadly understood automotive market is a result of, among other things, JDP being an active member of the Automotive Industry Lawyers Association.