At our Law Firm, we have a transparent career path system, based on clear criteria and lawyer assessments. The partners consider it very important to support younger employees in their development and identify their strong points and natural skills, but also the areas in need of improvement. We are aware that by investing our time and means into our staff’s growth, we are building our Firm’s value and stability.



Building paths to development is one of the key elements in HR management in our Law Firm and a decisive factor in its future. To be successful on the market, you need to give your employees an opportunity for growth and self-fulfilment. Only this way can our Law Firm utilise fully the potential our staff has. At JDP, we have built a career path system which covers lawyers and tax advisers, but also junior lawyers and administrative staff. We believe that building our Law Firm’s position requires more and more specialised expertise of our staff, but also their increasing commitment.


Of counsel, legal adviser / Rechtsanwalt

Offer for lawyers

To our associates, we offer the opportunity to work on interesting legal and business projects carried out for our Polish and foreign clients. We work with outstanding legal advisers, advocates and tax advisers, who – apart from their experience and expertise – are distinguished by their willingness and ability to work as a team.

If you want to join a team which is required to meet high expectations of international clients, and you are interested in gaining interesting professional experience, working in our Law Firm will be an attractive option for you.