Debt takeover, assumption of rights and obligations under a contract (change of parties to the contract)

The Monograph comprehensively presents the issue of debt assumption and accession. The work is divided into two sections – the first one deals in detail with the procedure of debt assumption and change of the debtor, showing new areas of its application in legal transactions – the other one being a comprehensive analysis of the mechanism of changing a party to the agreement in the event the contracting party changes and the legal relationship continues. It has been the first monograph on the issue of the debtor change since the interwar period. The publication is addressed both to legal practitioners, including attorneys, legal counsels, notaries and judges, and theoreticians. Both legal trainees and law students who want to expand their knowledge on obligation law will find the work interesting.



Author: Przemysław Drapała

Publisher: C.H. Beck
Series: Instytucje Prawa Prywatnego
Year of publication: 2016