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How to manage all aspects of cryptocurrency fraud? Adrian Andrychowski in an international webinar

Now or in the future, individuals and corporates may need to know how to commence and conduct investigations, trace and recover assets and manage other risks associated with cryptocurrency fraud.

Join an international webinar, during which experts from PolandUK, USA and Singapore will analyse cryptocurrency fraud in terms of:

• The planning of an investigation and the available courses […]

Adrian Andrychowski on protecting and recovering crypto assets in International Crypto Asset Litigation And Recovery Webinar

Save the date and join our International Crypto Asset Litigation and Recovery Webinar, during which experts from Poland, England and Singapore will address the challenges and opportunities for protecting and recovering crypto assets from a common and civil law perspective.


Adrian Andrychowski – Advocate, Senior Associate at JDP, Poland

Emily Saunderson – Barrister at Quadrant Chambers, […]